• Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Brazil Declares War Against Zika Virus

zika virus

Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff declares war against Zika virus. The culprit started to break out in Brazil and Latin America since April last year. Zika virus spreads throughout the South America and infected 1.5 million people in Brazil and several Latin countries. The worst effect of this virus could be seen on newborn babies. They have microcephaly which makes their head shrinking than its normal size. Also, the babies will have a severe brain damage.

President Rouseff will conduct mass mobilization on February 13th by eradicating Aedes Aegypti’s breeding ground. The mosquito not only spreads dengue but also Zika virus. The mobilization program will be conducted from house to house by fogging the nest and giving an awareness about this virus.

“Do not make this incident as an obstacle. Instead, we must make this as a reason to unite and Brazil eventually will survive,” Rouseff said at one of Brazilian local television. “We have to stand together to stop Zika virus and eradicate the breeding ground,” she continued. Brazil and another Latin American countries have been developing a vaccine to counter the virus.

The spread of the virus has triggered World Health of Organization (WHO). They have warned every countries in the world to wary about Zika virus. Even WHO noted that they must treat this virus like Ebola, because they are very dangerous. President Rouseff also has made a joint cooperation with US President Obama to develop the vaccine together.

Meanwhile, some said that the calamity has stalled 2016 Olympic Games which will be conducted in Rio de Janeiro. The spokeperson of 2016 Olympic Games, Mario Andrada said that the event won’t be hindered. “We have known about the disease and we believe the government can handle it,” he stated.

To prevent any unwanted spreading among the athlete and tourist, Andrada urged them to bring mosquito repellant, an adequate clothing and turn on the AC while staying in the building or room. Beside, the committee said that the games will be started when the climate is much colder. It means dried weather will make the mosquito difficult to breed. They are also very sure that when the games begin, the government has already overcome the problem.

Iqbal Ramadhan

Graduated from UNPAD International Relations Post Graduate Program. Having a passion in social studies, journalism, security studies and cyber risk.