• Friday, 17 August 2018

Brace Yourself, US East Cost Will Be Hit By Blizzard


Several US states are preparing for the worst blizzard which is predicted will come on Friday. Weather forecast predicted that the blizzard will hinder economic and social activities throughout East Coast. In order not to get stuck during the blizzard, educational institutions has given a holiday for their students. Bracing the calamity, many states governers has ordered their people not to go out. Even if they had to go out, the governers urged them to use massive rapid transportation.

The upcoming blizzard will not be worse than “Snowmageddon” in 2010. It decimated all US East Coast and snow thickness reached 17 inches. Forecast said that this year, thickness will reach eight to twelve inches. Eventhough, they notified the people to prepare themselves by stockpilling the food and medicine if the worst scenario would likely to happen.

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City has already given an instruction for New York people not to make outdoor activity from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. Based on forecast prediction, blizzard will hit New Jersey, New York through Long Island. “The snow will be coming down from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon,” the forecast said. At the same time, Blasio said, “We will face the worst blizzard.” The main concern in Jersey Shore was not a snow but the prospect of wind-driven flooding.

Not only New York City who is preparing for the worst, Washington DC does the same thing. They have to prepare because six years ago, they were crippled by the blizzard. This year, the thickness will be expected reaching only two inches. Unfortunately, the problem lingered. Several streets in the capital was hindered because of the snow. People were wondering what would happen if the capitol couldn’t manage two feet snow thickness, because at the same time two inches snow stalled the entire city.

Peter Burke an expert from National Weather Service explained that blizzard caused shortage in several districts. “People are urged to stay at home and stockpilling sufficient amount of foods and medicines,” Burke said. “The blizzard will be worse,” he added. Meanwhile, Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan said that he prepared for the upcoming blizzard. “We have prepared 3000 units and 350.000 tonnes of salt if the blizzard are going to be worse,” Hogan said. At his press conference, Governor Hogan said that his team needed one week to clear out the snow from the city street.

Iqbal Ramadhan

Graduated from UNPAD International Relations Post Graduate Program. Having a passion in social studies, journalism, security studies and cyber risk.