• Monday, 25 June 2018

CMO Club and Oracle Help Marketers Maximizing Technology

CMO Club

In order to help chief marketing officer (CMO) to fulfill the growing customer’s demand, The CMO Club and Oracle had released a guidance called “CMO Solution Guidance to Build A Modern Marketing”. This guidance contains so many important things, such as a knowledge and best practice that can be implemented by CMO which are based on customer and measureable result.

Today, CMO faces so many changes in business, customer and technology which is adding more complex problem in marketing activity. In this new business environment, the marketers need to rethink an established process by harnessing data, technology and content to give more customer satisfaction and show a better market impact to the business. To transfrom in a better condition, the guidance gives CMO a practical advice based on twenty in depth interviews with CMO and marketing manager from various industries.

Pete Krainik, CEO of The CMO Club said, “Eventhough the number of tools and data for marketers continue to grow, the main challenge is to capture and utilize perfect data and create a better customer satisfaction in every channels.”

“Changing is the first step to create the best customer experience. There is no company in this world who has a same business process. This module was created to support that transformation, so it can be adopted by all marketing professional in every industries,” he continued.

During the interview, there were four emerging points that could be taken by CMO because there was no similar business model. Such as: Acuity, Alignment, Agility and Accountability.

Acuity: To be a modern marketers, increasing the capability in its department is the important one. From developing customer knowledge which contains values by using data mining up to investing in creative content and needs for bigger analytic evaluation, the CMO has to invest more thing so they can develop their team learning new skills.

Alignment: From the bottom to the top, all departments have to follow the same process and culture to interact with customer in every channel.

Agility: Giving the best customer experince is the main objective. Organization needs to have a strong and flexible team to start something new and learn its best practice.

Accountability: To demonstrate the impact of marketing in bottom section, this guidance recommends a new measurable tools from the outset and delivers the culture of accountability on that section.

Iqbal Ramadhan

Graduated from UNPAD International Relations Post Graduate Program. Having a passion in social studies, journalism, security studies and cyber risk.