• Friday, 17 August 2018

OJK Received Dozens of Whistle Blower’s Reports Including Dual Function Issues

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Relating to whistle blowing system, Financial Services Authority (OJK) has received 71 whistle blower’s reports, ten of them have been received in this December. Ten complaints were still in the third party to be examined. “We do not know yet about the ten reports because those are still in the third party. We can only see the statistic of the system of every day,” said a member of the commissioner council of financial services authority (OJK) Ilya Avianti.

She said that the previous reports were six that has been sorted and resolved. There are two more new issues reported by the whistle blowers. Six of these reports are not included to the committee of conduct case because they were not in the offense ethics category. Other category is a wrong address report and other issue is about indiscretion which will be completed by the human resources division to be improved. While sixteen other reports are still in the verification process and analysis by the third party. “Ten reports still in handling by the third party and six have solved by making repairs on regulations of double position,” Ilya added.

“This doubling position as a board commissioner or as deputy commissioner and at the same time also act as of bank commissioners. People do not know that at the mean time that person has retired in the deputy commissioner position, while pension still being processed and the new position will not be effective anymore because the person’s new position is already decided and it has already been announced to the public. The person may not be effective either in the new position because he or she have to pass through a fit and proper test process in OJK. It is because of a time difference in those two institutions and people still think that it is a doubling position,” clear the lecturer in Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, West Java.

While OJK has not identify those new reports that enters, it has been known that six reports are all policy issues and are not the case of gratification. This policy issues including discussion of doubling function officers, obscurity statement from OJK internal which can still be clarified. “There are some people who run the regulations and this regulations should be enhanced because OJK’s current regulations derived from two institutions. One from Central Bank of Indonesia and the other influenced by the Ministry of Finance so that it may be need more harmony,” Ilya said. Banking system are different from the capital market and the financial non banking industry that fundamentally are market conduct.

The reports that had been discussed will be returned through provider which is the whistle blower that it is already processed and has been sent to the next process. It is planned until the end of this year that six WBS reports will be processed and planned to be completed. Other reports which 60 reports in total still can be clarified, including wrong hand reports and indiscretion, not because of the fraud. Ilya said that until now there has been no fraud complaints, so far it is almost one year since the beginning of the revitalization. “Maybe we will strengthen our tools by engagement with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). In the past OJK had not yet had its own rules, but now OJK already have its rules.” Prior to OJK and KPK previous cooperation concerning about gratuity issue while currently OJK already has its own rules about this.

The non-banking financial industry includes insurance, pension fund, funding institution, and other financial institutions. This basic regulation was recorded on Regulation No. 2 in 1992 on Insurance, Law No. 11 in 1992 on Pension Fund, and Act No. 2 in 2009 about the Institution of Export Financing. In addition, there are regulations that already issued by the president, finance minister, and the capital market supervisory board and financial institution. Meanwhile Whistle Blowing System is a system reporting any case of breach, so basically the system allow any people to report that there was an alleged of fraud, violation of law and ethics, and other misconduct. It is necessary to have a skill person or division to even have the ability of forensic as the third party and connecting OJK with the person who report (the whistle blower). According to Ilya, OJK temporary assignment is a regulation function and non-investigation function.

“As far for the WBS we only had used a third party who have skills needed. WBS goal was made to govern, give no misleading information, no symmetric information,” said the professor and the chairman of the audit board. Meanwhile Dr. Antonius Alijoyo as independent experts member of the Steering Committee of Information Technology and Risk Management in Indonesia Stock Exchange said that OJK needed to ensure that the institution will work better with the involvement of stakeholders. “One of them is the WBS which is one of the core conduct,” said Antonius.

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