• Friday, 17 August 2018

If Irregularities Found, Simultaneous Election May Be Delayed

pilkada serentak, KPU

A few days before simultaneous election for Regional Head, some regions in South Tangerang considered as volatile. One volatile polling station (TPS) is at Pondok Aren with five other polling stations in Pamulang. The Head of South Tangerang Ajun Komisaris Besar Ayi Supardan said, the consideration in these were because political figures and candidate couple are vote in those six places. While other volatile area is in polling two with potential violence and the threat of terrorism, which is none in the South Tangerang.

In addition, some preparation for the election are forbidden for voters to bring cellular phones to the voting booth including a phone with camera, a camera, or something like that. “This is not allowed because it may bring indications of money politics,” said the Commissioner of General Election Commission Ferry Kurnia Rizkiyansyah.

To three days for election, there can still be a delay to the event. If there are on regional heads who intentionally do not delivered report of funds and expenditures campaign funds (LPPDK), candidates concerned will aborted of nomination. If this occurs, it is possible to delay the election of the determined schedule because it will impact on the ballot and KPU need to do repeat the ballot print.

Simultaneously this election will be held on December 9 2015 with 269 regions where electoral votes have received ballot distribution. Delay also possible if the increasing candidates of regional heads who still in the court and the Election Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu). KPU Commissioner Hadar Nafis Gumay saying that if any who do not qualified (TMS) ahead of the vote, it will not will be delayed to other election. “It will wait for the logistics,” he added.

In fact, many suspicion findings by National Working Group of Participative Supervision and Campaign (Pokjanas PPDK) related to local funds for election campaign in 11 regions. It is according to the Coordinator Pokjanas PPDK Yusfitriadi, that small amount of campaign funds set out in the initial report campaign funds (LADK) or temporary reception campaign funds (LPSDK). In fact, many regional heads candidates who reported campaign funding is relatively small. “It is reported that campaign funding only five million rupiah, this is weird. It cause discordance and an alleged of fraud,” he said.

Grace Eldora

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