• Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Electric Day, Electrification Are Still Uneven

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Welcoming 70th National Power Day, electricity in Indonesia have not equally used. The Indonesians need to be reminded to use electricity efficiently. Also a reminder that some of the regions have not illuminated by electric lights. Currently, noted that the ratio of the national electrification is till unable to reach 100%. There are many region which the government could not provide electricity.

These areas including border region. One ironic thing is that energy-producing areas such as East Kalimantan have not use sufficient worth of electricity. In addition, cycle-blackout frequency still happens very often in big island like North Sumatra.

State Electricity Company (PLN) Director Sofyan Basir said, this National Power Day momentum should be used to improve the quality of national electricity sector. “How the quality be better and more affordable,” he said. He claimed that there are many disturbances and power outages in various regions. According to him, this is caused by the lack of power source and technical hardware problems.

“There are power outages, technical failure due to lack of power source. The disturbances caused by electricity substation, voltage regulator, and so on,” Sofyan said. Furthermore, he said that those technical disturbances caused by old hardware still used so more broken vulnerable susceptible. It is necessary to develop and rejuvenate power plants and renew transmission.

Indonesia started to use electricity since the end of 19th century. Back then some sugar and tea factory belongs to the Netherlands built power plants. Since then, power plants for various other uses getting started until World War II, these power and gas companies taken over by the Japanese. But this takeover did now last long because during Indonesia Independence Day in August 17th 1945, the young and the electricity and gas labors take back the ownership of the companies.

The National Power Day set in October 27th 1945 at the forming of Electricity and Gas Agency under Department of Public Works and Energy. The formation is in line with Government Regulation No. 1 in 1945.

Grace Eldora

Grace Eldora Sinaga is a journalistic practitioner, graduated from Faculty of Communication Study Majoring Journalism, Unpad. She loves to learn Asian cultures and photography. She can be contacted at gracel@buminawa.com or twitter @glaceldo.